Welcome to Bella Tote! I started making these totes because I wanted something easy to take around that also looked nice. They aren't fancy, they aren't lined, there aren't any zippers or snaps or ties, but they are attractive and SO darn handy! People Iíve given them to find them much more useful than they initially thought and cashiers have complimented me on how nice they are.

Keep a few at home, one in the car, and they fold up (or squish up) small, so you can keep one in your purse, too!

My prediction is once you have one, the tote will wear out before you run out of ways to use it!

I made this tote to replace the plastic carrier bags that I was using everyday. These are much more fashionable, hold more, and are sturdier. Not to mention, you'll look much more cosmopolitan carrying this tote than carrying a plastic bag, AND you'll help cut down on the bags you use at the store!

These totes are super easy to clean. If you spill coffee on it, or something from the market leaks inside, or if it just needs a cleaning, throw it in the wash with everything else. The fabric is 100% cotton, pre-washed and the seams are sewn up so they won't fray.

My goal is to make these easy to use, easy to clean, and easy to buy.

Available in my Etsy store, at www.bellatote.etsy.com.

Thanks for looking!

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